Just In Time:- GE's Hybrid Halogen-CFL with Incandescent Shape

GE hybrid bulb photo

Excerpt from promotional photo: GE Energy SmartĀ® Soft White and RevealĀ® hybrid halogen-CFL bulbs Image credit:GE

To every thing, there is a multi-purpose. GE's latest light bulb innovation is not only "customer-inspired," convenient, and efficient, it is likely to generate level-7 wingnut apoplexy: i.e. a state of extreme rage or excitement.

From the GE press release: "This new hybrid-halogen CFL combines attributes of three popular lighting technologies. GE engineers figured out a way to nestle an instantly bright halogen capsule inside the swirl of a compact fluorescent light bulb. The halogen element comes on instantly and turns off once the CFL comes to full brightness, thus preserving the energy efficiency of the bulb. All the workings of the bulb are contained in an incandescent-shaped glass bulb."What happens if you cross a pit bull with a poodle? Have to wait to see if Michele Bachman has a hybrid position on "Bright From The Start."

In case you missed it, here's the wingnut and the contrariwise-interior-designer backdrop.
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