Just Because It's Snowing Out Doesn't Mean Global Warming is Fake, Say It With Me People

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photo: Kim Baker via flickr

As I write this it is snowing fairly heavily in New York City, something which from my admitedly fallible memory seemed to happen more frequently in my childhood than in past years. And while it might be tempting to chalk up this year's comparatively colder temperatures as a refutation of global warming (we probably should've never called it that; climate change is much better...) that would be a faulty conclusion.

As Media Matters is pointing out, Matt Drudge (as well as plenty of other media outlets) seems to have not gotten that memo:It May Not Be Unanimous...But It's Pretty Close
Despite conclusions by the IPCC that global climate change is actually occurring and humans are very likely the cause of it, somehow the idea has entered the mainstream media that every time it snows it's further evidence that those kooky, socialist, hair-shirt-wearing environmentalists have gotten it all wrong.

Drudge Quotes Unnamed Source Insinuating Political Motivation For Canceled Hearings
Drudge might has well as just parroted this position most recently with the headline "Gore Hearing on Warming May Be Put On Ice." He followed by quoting, without further comment, an unnamed Republican lawmaker as saying "I can't imagine the Democrats would want to showcase Mr Gore and his new findings on global warming as a winter storm rages outside."

The Planet Doesn't Care if You're Republican or Democrat
Come on people, global climate change is not a partisan issue! The planet really couldn't care less about your political affiliation when it decides to unleash some good old fashioned natural disaster whoop-ass. When New Orleans was flooded (and I'm not claiming that it was caused by global warming; save your comments) it mattered not what animal your political mascot was. Continuing to frame the debate in terms of political parties is counterproductive and ecologically dangerous.

Media Matters documents a number of recent occasions where convenient media fiction overwhelms scientific conclusions. Here are some of their examples: Drudge déjà vu: Winter Storm + Cancelled Hearings = Global Warming?
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