Julia Roberts Admits Having Kids Turned Her Into Something of An Eco-Warrior

While it's no surprise to Treehugger's everywhere that Julia Roberts hopped on the green bus awhile back, she recently pointed out to the British Sun that having children is what made her do it. And why not? Having kids means you've got a genuine stake in the future of the planet, for better or for worse.

As any free-marketeer will be more than happy to point out, people only do what they perceive as being in their own best interest. And reason dictates that they only value what they can understand.

So while many smart environmentalists have been trying to point out for a long while what she just said in a very short piece, some people are just a whole lot more likely to listen when a mega-star points out the obvious to all of us. Especially when they make it personal.Unfortunately, the fact that she's recently undertaken a $30 Million renovation of her home to make it as "eco-friendly" as possible may turn a few heads here and there.

Because let's face reality, it's difficult to fathom how green a $30 Million anything can be; even with her very decent, positive, eco-friendly intentions.

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via:: ShowbizSpy