Juan Williams Questions GOP's Anti-Solar Vitriol on Fox

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The Fox Network has been sending some mixed messages on solar, bashing it on the one hand, and sponsoring it on the other. But their disproportionate coverage of Solyndra versus other waste and fraud stories would certainly suggest they have an anti-clean energy agenda. Now Juan Williams argues, on Fox, that the GOP is also using the Solyndra incident to smear an increasingly successful US industry. But they are doing so at their own peril:

...when China and several European governments are subsidizing their green energy companies in an attempt to corner the global market there is a good bi-partisan argument to be made that the U.S. government has to help American companies stay in the game. That is especially true when there is evidence those companies are already making money and spurring job growth.

President Obama has low approval ratings these days, but the Solyndra story is an illustration of why approval ratings for congressional Republicans are much lower.

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