Jon Stewart Takes on 'Crap and Trade' (VIDEO)


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Yes, cap and trade was the subject of one of Stewart's segments last night on the Daily Show. But no, he didn't come up with that 'crap and trade' goldmine himself. He left that bit of witty wordplay wizardry to a blustery Republican congressman. Jon takes on the many shortcomings of the Democrats with the bill, including the generous giveaways to polluting industries and the Dems' awful messaging. Of course, he leaves some time to make fun of the GOP too, and well, just see for yourself. It's hilarious. Video's after the jump.

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Stewart gives Kerry a hard time, but despite the senator's ability to come up with a sexy name for the bill, this is actually a bit misleading. Kerry has been key in framing the climate debate from a national security perspective, and has actually done a pretty solid job of starting to take back the debate from the Republican opponents--whose single-line "it will be too expensive" approach that's been proven to be based on lies is finally starting to falter.

Also, Jon Stewart's not the only one to make the connection between Cap and Trade and Cap 'n Trade--these junior high-schoolers-masquerading-as-climate-activists did too.

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