Jon Stewart Blasts BP for Having 760 Pre-Spill Safety Violations (Video)


The Daily Show was unfortunately on hiatus during the last couple weeks of the BP Gulf oil spill, leaving a void where negligent companies should be lampooned and scathing satire delivered. But fear not, everyone! The spill is still continuing unabated, more than 40 days after it began, and there looks to be no end in sight -- which means plenty more time for BP Gulf spill satire! Hell, we could be laughing until Christmas, according to some reports, since that's how long experts say it might take to plug the leak! Ha, ha. Sigh. Well, at least Stewart and co. take down BP pretty completely here:

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May I say, once again, that CEO Tony Hayward is an absolute weasel. Yesterday, somewhat surprisingly, some commenters took offense to my calling the man an asshole. But I stand by that evaluation wholeheartedly, I must say: Above, Hayward is on video attempting to convince us that his company spent the last 3-4 years making safety a priority. Over the weekend, he complained that he'd "like his life back." Before that, he said the environmental impact of the spill would be minimal, and that it was "relatively tiny" compared to the "big ocean."

Am I being too rough on ol' Tony? You tell me.

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