Joke's on the Enviro Ministry: China to be Painted White to Fight Global Warming - Taking Cues from TreeHugger?


For April Fool's Day last week, TreeHugger's Alex Pasternack tells us that he rolled out of bed that day with gags spewing from his imagination for his post China Reveals Plans for Green-Colored "Suburb City." Well it seems a kindred spirit, and colleague of Alex's, quite coincidentally picked up on the real thing. Well, at least an April Fool's day prank tugging the leg of China's Environmental Ministry on an official government site: China to be Painted White to Fight Global Warming.Elizabeth Balkan writes: is China's official internet information center, a one-stop shop for the latest in the party line, and as such hardly the place to stage a prank.

She goes on to say the article details a "sweeping new initiative", announced by the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), to "turn the Chinese landscape white in order to reflect heat back into space." It gets even more absurd as you read further. Balkan investigates deeper and deeper finding out that the "rapeseed Association" sited in the article doesn't even exist:

Undoubtedly the most controversial part of the plan will be the use of advanced biological engineering techniques to turn basic food crops white...Chinese people are fond of bright yellow landscapes created by rapeseed flowers and there is likely to be some resistance to government plans from traditionalists.

We're pretty sure someone was channeling Alex and or a strange, sci-fi mind-meld occurred. In any event, that's April Fool's day for ya! We're glad to see any kind of a cultural dialogue happening with China as working together on the crisis of global climate change (in which the burning of coal plays a critical role) is paramount for us to get it done. Which we will -- especially if we find a way to keep laughing along the way! You can read the full bloggy, investigation into the paint China white hoax is here.

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