Join TreeHugger's Graham Hill (and Sting...) & Stand Up for Rainforest Conservation - Send Your Rainforest SOS

If you're a regular TreeHugger reader you undoubtedly know the importance of rainforests in regulating climate, being one of the most biodiverse ecosystems out there, and a potential cornucopia of medicines and other useful products. And you probably also know that deforestation is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Well, in order to send a powerful public message to climate negotiators ahead of the COP15 climate talks that rainforest preservation is crucial, ThePrince's Rainforests Project wants you to send a Rainforest SOS:Including Rainforests Crucial to Strong Climate Deal
This latest push, in the final weeks before Copenhagen, kicks off with a celebrity-studded clip (above) with, as you can see and hear, Sting revamping The Police's classic Message in Bottle, which may seem a bit obvious -- "sending out an SOS..." well might make some people cringe -- but the message is entirely spot on: We absolutely need to include a strong agreement on and financial mechanism for preventing deforestation in a post-Kyoto climate agreement.

Small Investment = Big Payoff
The Prince's Rainforests Project points out that €5 ($7) per person in the OECD countries per year spent on the problem between 2010 and 2015, would cut tropical deforestation 25%. In total that may sound like a lot of money, but it would be money well spent -- addressing one of the easiest fixes for combatting climate change. In fact the UNEP has said that stopping deforestation is a better investment than techno-fixes such as carbon capture and storage at power plants.

Here's how you can help: Join with the growing number of people (including our own Graham Hill, above) in creating your own Rainforest SOS at: The Prince's Rainforest Project. Tell world leaders that rainforest conservation matters to you, today.

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