Join Hands Across the Sand This Saturday! Support a Future That Doesn't Need Offshore Drilling

hands across the sand poster

It's probably a pretty safe bet that if you're reading TreeHugger then you're mad as hell (and don't want to take it anymore) about the BP oil spill. Now, there are plenty of ways you can take action and express your outrage at BP, as well as show support for alternatives to oil, but the one you should take part in this Saturday, June 26th, occurring at a beach near you, is Hands Across the Sand:
Video from the original Hands Across the Sand event, back in February in response to proposals to expand offshore drilling

While perhaps not as direct-action as targeting BP gas stations and their headquarters in protest, the symbolism of hundreds, thousands of people joined hand-in-hand on the beach to say no to offshore oil drilling is pretty great. So, this Saturday morning, drop everything that you're doing and join a Hands Across the Sand event near you.

Kicking our oil addiction, won't happen overnight--in fact, it may not fully happen even a decade from now--but it won't truly begin until there is a massive groundswell of support for alternatives, both technological and social, to the massive amounts of dirty energy we currently use.

Come out, show your support, with your neighbors, friends, and soon-to-be new friends.

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