John McCain Reveals He's a Nuclear Power NIMBY

The John McCain presidential campaign has spewed some pretty uninformed, distorted rhetoric recently about the benefits of drilling for oil offshore in protected areas. Namely he asserts that offshore oil drilling will both increase US energy independence and lower gasoline prices.

In this video clip from 2007, but recently brought back into the spotlight, McCain expresses his support for nuclear energy as a way to decrease US dependence on imported energy. The trouble is that he's not so fond of letting the waste pass through his home state of Arizona on the way to being deposited at Yucca Mountain in Nevada.
Nuclear is Great, As Long As I'm Not Near The Waste
Midway through the interview he's asked: "What about the transportation?  Would you be comfortable with nuclear waste coming through Arizona on its way, you know going through Phoenix, on its way to uh Yucca Mountain?"

To which McCain shakes his head, gulps a little and responds, "No, I would not. No I would not." Before shifting gears in an attempt to avoid further questioning on this issue.

As Carl Pope, executive director of The Sierra Club says, "It's truly shocking that John McCain is willing to stick the people of Nevada with thousands of tons of dangerous high-level nuclear waste, while acknowledging that he wouldn't even want it traveling through his own state on its way to Yucca Mountain."

McCain: 45 New Nuclear Plants by 2030
At a recent campaign stop in Nevada, McCain reiterated his support for nuclear power , saying he wants to build 45 new nuclear power plants in the US by 2030

It's one thing to claim nuclear energy will increase energy independence, and has less greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels—at least McCain doesn't deny that global warming is a serious issue—but to advocate more nuclear power but not want the waste to pass through your state seems the height of hypocrisy.

via :: The Sierra Club and :: Lahontan Valley News
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