John Kerry Skewers Climate Change Denying 'Scholar' (VIDEO)


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I've posted a lot of videos of satirists taking on climate issues, people saying ridiculous things about the environment, and controversial clips--but I realize that I don't often enough put up videos of the important folks who get it right on global warming issues. Well here's looking to change that: watch John Kerry completely rebuke this climate change denying 'scholar' from the notorious American Enterprise Institute, after the jump.

Now, I know I'll likely get comments complaining of my supposed liberal allegiance below, but what's admirable about Kerry's reply is not any sort of political maneuvering--it's his simple command of the scientific facts regarding climate change.

There's nothing political about any of this, in fact--it's due credit to fossil fuel industry lobbyists and the Republican machine for manufacturing that impression over the years (see the illuminating book Climate Cover Up for more info). Rather, the facts Kerry cites--that there are thousands of peer-reviewed studies confirming the man-made causes of climate change and scant few, if any, that argue to the contrary. We may indeed have an ice-free Arctic in a summer five years from now. And the next ten years are perhaps the most critical to act in.

You don't have to be a Democrat to recognize that climate change is an issue--plenty of Republicans do--and all Kerry does here is appeal to science. How refreshing.

As for Green of AEI, Joe Romm writes:

I don't know what is more revealing and embarrassing for Green and AEI -- that Green couldn't actually name a single peer-reviewed study in his defense or that when Kerry calls him on it, his only defense is an appeal to authority -- his own "opinion".
One man's opinion versus the entire scientific community? Hm. Reminds me of something . . .

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