Jimmy Fallon, Eddie Vedder Croon 'Balls In Your Mouth' (VIDEO)

Late night comedian Jimmy Fallon--you know, the guy who couldn't make it through a SNL skit with cracking up--and Eddy Vedder sang a duet earlier this week on Fallon's "Balls In Your Mouth," a song about the tar balls found on beaches as a result of the BP oil spill. I love the video because it uses humor to remind us that the environment and the people of the Gulf are still suffering from the Deep Water Horizon spill, but I'm a little freaked out that Eddy Vedder still hasn't aged a lick.

The situation in the Gulf is no joke. Tropical Storm Lee has brought up to the surface tar balls, and some of them are reported to be as big as tennis balls. BP has had crews working to clean the beaches.

If you want to sing along, feel free. There are almost no lyrics, just a repeated refrain of "Balls in your mouth, balls in your mouth / Don't swim in the ocean, you'll get balls in your mouth."