Jet-Sharing Easing Celebrities' Eco-Guilt

Waxy Brad And Angie photo

Waxy Brad and Angie emit no carbon and do not procreate. Thanks DanieDVM at flickr

Celebrities aren't like the rest of us. They are generally prettier, their teeth are whiter, and they have a many-times bigger carbon footprint than we do. Many times bigger. Ask any carbon calculator - even one jet trip a year drastically skews your yearly total, and People-type celebrities seem always on the go. If you look at Madonna, her carbon footprint in 2006 was estimated to be 1,018 tons - or 100 times the average British citizen's. Not only do celebs fly a lot, the more famous they get, the more likely they are to want the convenience and luxury of a private jet. So now you know why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt never look jet-lagged!

London-based Private Jet Club has launched a service to pair up different jet-setters going to some common cities to reduce their costs and (incidentally) their per-person carbon footprint - and calling it jet pooling. While jet pooling may sound like a ridiculous bit of greenwash, the CO2 load of flying solo in many jets is astronomical, making jet pooling better than nothing. Maybe this is why Angelina and Brad are concertedly going about increasing their brood. Via Guardian UK

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