Jeff Bezos Wants to Fly You to Space and 10 More Stories From Fast Company


Screenshot from Virgin Galatic.
The following post was written by Kate Rockwood of Fast Company.

We still haven't found a better way to sleep off a turkey feast than beach ourselves in front of the boob tube. But that doesn't mean there aren't better ways to watch TV: Roku wants to, well, rock you--the Web-to-TV device is upping its offerings from three content providers to 13. Meanwhile, TiVo is expanding across the pond, cobranding a DVR service with Virgin in the U.K. Everyone's favorite DVR maker also announced it was opening up your (anonymized) viewing info to Google, which is expected to harvest that data to advertisers in order to create hyper-personalized commercials in the future. Uber-cramped airplane cabin make you miserable this holiday? Jeff Bezos and Virgin Galactic will be happy to fly you into space instead, starting as early as 2012--if you're filthy rich, of course. By then, the solar-powered airplane that's currently being prepped for a round-the-world trip may have rippled out to commercial flights.

In design, things got big (Chicago gets the tallest women-designed skyscraper!), small (AOL becomes Aol.), sprawling (a 500-page photographic narrative of Los Angeles) and brag-worthy (Helsinki named the World Design Capital for 2012). But let's not talk about what unfettered access to a rapid prototype machine can do to our gag reflex.

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