Japan's "Team Minus 6 Percent" for Kyoto

The Japanese Ministry of the Environment has launched a national campaign named "Team 6 Percent" to help reach the country's Kyoto Protocol objectives. The name of the campaign is a reference to Japan's commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to a level of 6% below the level of 1990. This new campaign, which follows the one that - among other things - encouraged workers to dress more casually to save energy on air conditioning, focuses on 6 actions that everybody in the team (the whole country) should take: "set air conditioners at 28 degrees Celsius, avoid wasting water at the tap by not letting it run unnecessarily, choose and buy eco-friendly products, stop car idling, say no to excessive packaging, and to unplug any devices not being used." Very sensible and inexpensive recommendations that should be "marketed" by governments everywhere.

::Campaign Website (in Japanese), ::Environment Ministry Promotes 'Team Minus 6%' Global Warming Campaign