Japan's Media Going Green to Save the Future on World Environmental Day

First post from greenz.jp! We are happy to see that Japan's media is going green and catching on to the global environmental message. With the upcoming G8 Summit in Toyako, Hokkaido, the level of concern is rising and so is the citizen driven green movement. One indicator is that over 120 people showed up at the Green Media Alliance launch party in Tokyo on May 29 in collaboration with green drinks Tokyo (which greenz.jp is hosting monthly), with participants from major TV networks, independent media, environmental activists as well as mega advertising agencies like Hakuhodo and Dentsu (see more photos here). And green.tv Japan is a success on the Internet with special programs you can enjoy on World Environment Day, June 5.


Reaching 120 million people, NHK, the national public broadcaster, has set aside an entire weekend from June 6-8 with an ambitious Save the Future theme. TV programs will focus on climate change and how people can change their lifestyles to reduce CO2 emissions. On Sunday the theme is Eco-Life Is Fun - What we can do to get started! You can watch the programs and much more on the NHK YouTube Channel.

Here is the Save the Future jingle Longing Future, produced by Sakamoto Ryuichi, performed by Alan ("the talented Chinese balladist", a "brand new breeze of fresh Tibetan air in the J-music scene").


Itoshii subete o dakishimete
Tabidatsu toki wa
Natsukashii mirai
Takusan no iro ni afureteru
Utsukushii hoshi no ue de
Kono aoi hoshi no ue de

Embrace all beloved things
It is time to begin a trip
Longing future
A lot of colours are overflowing
Over the beautiful star
Over this blue star

Brought to you by Martin J Frid of greenz.jp

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