Japanese Sort Trash into 10 Categories

According to the New York Times, the city of Yokohama recently doubled the number of garbage categories to 10. It provides residents with a 27-page booklet on how to sort their trash. In the sort scheme, lipstick goes into burnables and lipstick tubes (after the contents have been used up) into "small metals" or plastics. Kettle under 12" go into small metals, but over 12" they go into bulky refuse. The booklet includes detailed instructions for disposing of over 518 items. Yokohama's goal is to reduce incinerated garbage by 30 percent over the next five years. But Kamikatsu's goal is even more ambitious: eliminating garbage by 2020. In the last four years, Kamikatsu has halved the amount of incinerator-bound garbage and raised its recycled waste to 80 percent, town officials said. Each household now has a subsidized garbage disposal unit that recycles raw garbage into compost. :: NYTimes [by Justin Thomas]