Japanese Solar Photovoltaic Market Grows 40+%/Year


US utilites are spending their time quibbling over growth in coal vs nuclear, nervous about continued natural gas price volatility upsetting the prospective ROI, should an investment be made. Meanwhile in Japan, "The photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules market in Japan, estimated to be 640 Megawatts (MW) in capacity or 209 billion yen in value of shipment, will rapidly grow to 2,350 MW or 665 billion yen in value in fiscal 2008 by recording an average growth of 30 to 40% every year". This in a marketing report "New Energy System Market (PV Power Systems) 2005" recently published by Yano Research Institute Ltd. Report is 67 pages and available in English. Interestingly, the cited MW addition rate equates to the output of one or two new nuks per year. Also from the press release: "The report revealed that Japanese PV cells and modules manufacturers are dominating the world market by exporting more than half of their production (358 MW in capacity or 126 billion yen in fiscal 2004), and are expected to keep leading the market by exporting 1,531 MW in capacity or 450 million yen in value in fiscal 2008".

First Sweden declares an "oil free" goal for the entire nation, then Japan declares victory over world world SPV markets. Feeling surrounded? Welcome to "Island USA", a delightful new novel in which the entire US governing elite and pundit class, following a Peak Oil/Gas-induced ending of the "Ostrich Maneuver", has too much sand in their collective eyes to see what is happening.