Japan Buys Off Developing Nations' Whaling Support: Whistleblower

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Just as the International Whaling Commission is about to get together to try to break the impasse between non-whaling nations and the trio of scofflaws (most prominently Japan), another Japanese whistleblower has come forward. BBC News reports that 'Mr A' has detailed how he was paid to travel to developing nations and essentially bribe them to support Japan's pro-whaling stance, using development projects as currency.

Mr A told the BBC that during negotiations the make-or-break question was whether the country would side with Tokyo at the IWC.

"If the answer is affirmative, saying yes, or more or less affirmative, then we start talking about the project. Helping them to build up their fisheries industries," Mr A said.

Japan officially does not link development aid to a nation's position on whaling.

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Japanese Whalers Personally Profit From Whale Meat Smuggling
This report follows one which came to light a week ago about how the prospect of whalers being able to make tidy personal profits from illegally selling whale meat--some whalers selling so much that they could purchase new homes solely from the trade--was a motivating factor for many young whalers joining the fleet.

The whistleblower also noted however that undercover investigations and publicity by activist groups, which brought the issue of smuggling whale meat from Japan's whaling program (done they claim in the name of scientific research) into the spotlight, had severely curtailed the practice.

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