Jamie Oliver Meets Some First Graders Who Don't Know Fruits and Vegetables


photo via jamie oliver

If you need further proof that our nation's food system needs to be rethought, check out this video where chef Jamie Oliver encounters some first grade students who cannot identify popular fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, eggplant, and cauliflower. The video comes form Oliver's new ABC show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution."The show was taped in Huntington, West Virginia. One can only hope that after seeing this video, the students' parents make it a priority to teach their kids healthy eating habits.

Oliver gained some notoriety when he successfully campaigned for English school to stop selling junk food in vending machines and to begin offering more fresh food for school lunches.

After asking "Who knows what this is?" while holding up a bunch of tomatoes, Oliver gets blank stares before one student queries "potatoes?" Doh!

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