James Inhofe Explains His Climate-Hoax Theory

grist james inhofe photo

Image credit: Grist

There are few climate skeptics more outspoken than Republican Senator James Inhofe. Recently, Grist had the opportunity to speak with the senator and asked him to explain his climate-hoax theory.Grist explains:

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), one of the world's most vociferous climate skeptics, is practically giddy these days. He's argued since 2003 that global warming is a massive "hoax" being played on the American people, and now he believes he's got more backing than ever before for his claim...I spoke with Inhofe by phone right after the hearing about who's perpetrating the climate hoax, who's being hoodwinked by it, and why he doesn't believe clean energy creates jobs.

Read the interview at Grist.org
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