James Hanson's Declaration of Stewardship For The Earth And All Creation


"Last week [James] Hansen gave a speech in Des Moines Iowa, outlining what he calls a Declaration of Stewardship that any candidate serious about preserving our environment ought to endorse.

The speech (it's only three pages) is well worth a read, and I think it would be great if his proposed Declaration could somehow get enough attention that candidates actually started talking about it. It's surely depressing to contemplate the vast array of special interests bent on doing nothing ... but Hansen still has some optimism:"

If you are politically engaged, or thinking of being so, TreeHugger strongly recommends downloading the full three page speech of James Hansen here (pdf at Columbia University of New York). For this political moment, for those who want to distill, to the most critical points, a reasoned approach to the future, it is a seminal work: as important as Garrett Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons and Paul Hawken's Natural Capitalism: Creating The Next Industrial Revolution

Via:: The Social Atom and Agonist, Diary of M.Buchanan Image credit:: Upper Iowa River Watershed Project.