James Cameron: "Put the Brakes" on the Tar Sands (Video)

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Having made the highest-grossing film in history with Avatar, James Cameron has used his return to the spotlight to fight for the rights of indigenous people around the world, and to advocate for environmental awareness. Most recently, he completed a trek to the notorious Alberta tar sands, which is the second largest deposit of oil in the world. The operation that extracts oil there has been called the most destructive project on Earth by green groups. Cameron explains the danger the operation poses in the video above. As you may know (and as is mentioned in the video), the US is currently considering, and likely to approve, a pipeline that would pump the tar sands oil to Gulf Coast refineries for US consumption. This would likely sustain the absolutely devastating project for the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, Utah has approved preliminary plans to start a tar sands project of its own, which would be the first of its kind in the US -- and would likely be as dangerous to the environment as our northern neighbor's infamous operation. Which is why we need folks like Cameron to continue to bring these issues into the public eye, before we tie ourselves down with even dirtier, costlier, and heavier-emitting projects that cement our reliance on oil.

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