IT's Intersection With Renewable Energy: "Fat Spaniel Technologies"


Fat Spaniel is the company behind an educational display made for customers of a "green" Wal-Mart experimental supercenter. See it and some other unrelated but very interesting green projects at this Wal-Mart link (Note: the animation screen is seen under the wind energy/animation/description menu choice.). We digress. Fat Spaniel's best trick is to shake paws with distributed power systems via Internet, which is what the Wal-Mart Kiosk was all about. Here's the kernel of the FS promo: "Our enterprise-strength solution PV2Web™ provides independent, real-time monitoring of energy usage and generation for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Using PV2Web, you can view the live performance of any energy system remotely, whether you are at home, in your office or on the road".FA lets customers view an entire community or a single inverter. Can you imagine a county commission meeting with a projector shooting this image up on the wall in realtime, looking at wind or solar or hydro systems comparable to one being proposed?

For a spec sheet summary, look at this link.

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