It's Climate That Changes, But Weather That Kills You


Getty Images

What makes the tragedy in Burma so horrifying? Is it the clearing of the mangroves? Is it the venality and cruelty of the Burmese junta that is not letting relief workers in while it is actually shipping out rice to Bangladesh to "meet contractual obligations" ie, get foreign exchange? Or is it climate instability that comes from global warming? One can't say that, or you will get your tapes edited by Fox News as they did to Al Gore, one cannot directly blame this on climate change. Or maybe you can, as Richard Littlemore did brilliantly at Desmogblog. He writes:

There is no proof whatever that the devastating strength of cyclone Nargis is related to climate change. There is no concrete evidence that the deadliest tornado season in a decade can be linked to global warming.

There is a smoking gun, and it has human fingerprints all over it. The case against the fossil-fuel-burning culprits has certainly been proved beyond reasonable doubt, but because the worst offenders are rich and influential, there is still no one up on"> ::DeSmogBlog

It is going to be a struggle for Architecture for Humanity to ever get a look-in at what is becoming more of a political than a natural disaster, but if I wanted to contribute I would still send my money there.