It's BP Time Again


BP had this summer been telling the City of Chicago that 'they didn't have enough room' to upgrade their nearby refinery's wastewater treatment plant (pictured). Right. Chicago ain't buyin' it either.

An environmental consulting company hired to evaluate the situation by Chicago concluded that:- "The expansion of the BP refinery in Whiting can move ahead with existing technology that would keep the pollution it dumps into Lake Michigan at current levels and would mean only a small increase in the cost of the project, according to environmentalists and a report commissioned for the city of Chicago."

"The report, prepared by Tetra Tech, a California-based engineering firm, concluded that BP could upgrade the Whiting refinery's wastewater treatment plant for less than $40 million. "We are confident that it can be done," said Joe Deal, an assistant to Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley."

See also these preceding posts: on the BP Air Permit, and re-visiting the issue, and fighting for Lake MI . Finally, stare into the black goey abyss here.

Via::," BP can upgrade plant for $40M, report concludes" Image credit:: Scott Strazzante / Chicago Tribune, in

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