It's About Time: Power Towers that Look Good

Dietmar Koering transmission tower closeup photo

When Iceland had an economy, they held a competition to design a more elegant tower for a new power transmission network. Architect Dietmar Koering of Arphenotype designed these, where every one is different, the shape varying according to longitude and latitude.

Dietmar Koering transmission tower  photo

The architect writes:

"A parametric code drives the heights in an continuous gradient, which will be manufactured physically through help of milling machines."

- Just like a Frank Gehry building could not be designed and built without computers, making every pole different would be hugely expensive and difficult.

Dietmar Koering transmission tower big closeup photo

"Once the parameters are set, it is just the location of tower by latitude and longitude that will result in unique towers."

Dezeen tells us that The project was devised for a competition organised by Icelandic electrical transmission company Landsnet and the Association of Icelandic Architects.
Also seen on BoingBoing.

It's great that people are working on a better looking pylon for transmission lines, but really, we shouldn't be looking at them at all- they should be buried and superconducting. See Superconducting Cables Beat Back NIMBY and Superconducting Cable Can Increase our Electrical Supply

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