IT Managers Are Trying to Do More With Less

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Symantec has released their state of the industry report for data centers and has found that managers are facing two major and conflicting goals. First, everyone wants ever better, faster IT services, and second, data centers have to cut costs as much as possible.

Read on for how managers plan on meeting both goals, and other findings from the report. Symantec found that while data center managers are focused on going green, it's mainly in order to save green.

But really, that's a win-win situation.

[W]hen asked to identify their key objectives for the year, reducing costs was by far the most frequently mentioned goal. In fact, reducing costs was mentioned by more companies than the next two objectives combined (improving service levels and improving responsiveness).

The key initiatives data centers are pursuing to "do more with less" include automation of routine tasks (mentioned by 42 percent of respondents), cross-training staff (40 percent) and reducing data center complexity (35 percent).

Data center cooling costs and electricity consumption costs are the two areas in which data centers can save the most money, and luckily, that is also where they can significantly green up. And so, that is where many managers are focusing attention.

We then asked what they specifically planned to do within the next 12 months. Recycling obsolete hardware and components topped the list at 28 percent, followed by reducing annual energy costs (26 percent) and powering the data center with cleaner energy sources (23 percent).

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