It Begins. 70 Arrested at White House on Day 1 of Tar Sands Action (UPDATED)

Tar Sands protesters risk arrest
Photo via: TarSandsAction Flickr CC.


Saturday, August 20 - 2:24 EDT

In Day 1 of what is expected to be a two-week protest against the development of the Keystone XL pipeline, dozens of people were arrested today at the White House, including founder and action leader, Bill McKibben. Twitter is the place for up-to-the-minute information. Follow @TarSandsAction , @350 , @BillMcKibben and hashtags: #noKXL & #tarsandsaction for tweets about the protest and issue.

More on tar sands after the jump...We recently spoke with Bill McKibben on the TreeHugger Podcast about these protests and the tar sands pipeline issue. Listen to that interview Bill McKibben versus the Terrifying Tar Sands

See Photos of Tar Sands destruction here: Tar Sands Versus Nature (Slideshow)

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UPDATE 1: Sunday, August 21, Noon - Day 2 of the Tar Sands Action is underway with another round of protesters sitting-in at the White House to demand that President Obama use his power to stop the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. We're following the news on Twitter and according to Co-Founder and Communications Director, Jamie Henn writing as @Agent350 on Twitter, as of this writing there are reportedly another 50 arrested, joining the 70 that were arrested Saturday.


5 Nebraskans arrested Monday on Day 3 of the protest. More at Think Progress.

Here's a good post from Joe Uehlein at Grist on Why He's Marching Against the Tar Sands Pipeline.
UPDATE 3: Tuesday, Aug. 23 11:30am. Bill McKibben has been released from jail. See what he had to say upon his release in the video below. Montanans are sitting-in today, Day 4. More at Think Progress.

It Begins. 70 Arrested at White House on Day 1 of Tar Sands Action (UPDATED)
Saturday, August 20 - 2:24 EDT