Israelis To Ski In Austria Find Flowers Instead of Snow


In the wake of talks about Global Warming over here in Israel, Israelis who were hoping to spend their Hanukkah holiday skiing in Austria, were sadly disappointed to find out that the runs once suitable for mid-December skiing, at lower altitudes, are no longer the snowy, powdery playgrounds they once were: flowers are blooming there instead. That’s because most people didn’t factor Global Warming into the equation when they were asked if they wanted to buy cancellation insurance. At any rate, the would-be vacationers are opting out of forfeiting their 1 500 Euro per person vacation and going anyway. Most that leave now, will land in locations without snow, or will have to travel an hour each way to sites 3 000 meters in altitude, which are runs not suitable for children. There is a good New York Times story on the phenomenon here, and here we blogged about a green snow company.