Israeli Diplomats Go Hybrid In The US

There has been some news brewing for a while that Israel may partner with Jordan to build a hybrid car factory. This week we heard that Israeli diplomats in the US will this fall be driving a fleet of hybrid cars in the US. It’s probably a political move – like partnering with Jordan – but we ask, is that necessarily a bad thing? This week The Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC announced that it will significantly reduce the petroleum consumption of its senior diplomats in the US by switching to hybrid-electric vehicles, reports Israel21c.

Expect to see Israeli embassy staff based in Washington, at nine consulates around the US and at UN posts to be driving hybrid cars. Said Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Sallai Meridor: "Reducing oil dependence and protecting the environment are key factors in improving international security. We are proud to be among the first countries to take this small but symbolic step. Our hope is that many small steps taken together will lead to major policy action around the world that will address one of the most critical strategic and environmental issues facing our common future."

The embassy in DC also reported that Israel will strengthen energy technologies cooperation with the United States. Added Meridor, "We believe in the critical importance of embracing alternative sources of energy and advanced vehicle technology to help achieve energy independence and build a sustainable environment." Any other diplomats out there driving hybrids? Let us know. ::Israel21c