Is Your Lifestyle Affecting Your Future Child's DNA?

If I had a nickel for every prospective parent I know who changed their lifestyle for the better when they knew they were expecting I’d be a wealthy man indeed. But they just may be a bit late to the party. No pun intended.

And that’s because a controversial idea, called epigenetics, indicates those late nights in smoke filled rooms, that stress filled entry level job, or that apartment you rented next to that major, pollution-spewing roadway when you were young and broke may just be exacting their toll on the DNA of your child today.
Citing studies of female mice where those who were obese before and during pregnancy had heavier children, there is evidence that rather than changing the DNA itself the toll is exacted by affecting the switches that control which genes are switched on and switched off.

Who knows, perhaps someday we’ll discover exactly what price we’re paying for the things our parents did?

via: Times Online
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