Is the Gulf Oil Spill Already Impacting Tourism in New Orleans? (Video)


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Tourism is an extremely important industry to Louisiana, and to New Orleans in particular. The world famous city looked to have finally regained its footing as a tourist destination after the five long years since Hurricane Katrina. Now, many wonder whether another major blow is being dealt to the state's still-fragile economy, from the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. To get an idea of how the spill was impacting the city thus far, I headed into the French Quarter on Saturday, and conducted a few informal interviews. Here are four varying perspectives on how the spill is impacting tourism in the Big Easy. If the short time I spent in New Orleans can be used as any sort of a litmus test, then tourism would be thriving. The restaurants were full, tourists roamed the French Quarter, horse drawn carriages stampeded past, and hotels looked packed. But that's hardly a scientific analysis, of course -- but maybe the views of the locals and tourists themselves can help shed light on why we keep h

Employee at a tourist-dependent restaurant:

Veteran street vendor:


This was actually a similar response that most tourists gave me -- most seemed generally unconcerned that the gulf spill would impact them personally.

Tourist information guide:

The general consensus, somewhat surprisingly to me, seems to be that tourism is still humming along despite the spill. There were definite concerns, but so far, tourism in New Orleans is alive and well.

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