Is Tackling Climate Change as Important as Fighting Crime?

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Some 63% of the world thinks so. A survey by HSBC questioned consumers from countries as disparate as the US, Brazil, Malaysia, Germany, and India about the importance of tackling climate change in relation to other pressing social issues--and the results are fascinating. For instance, the majority of people felt that mitigating climate change is as important as fighting crime. Check out the illuminating graphs after the fold. These are the results tallied from respondents around the world (via 10 Ways to Save the World):

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Priorities for Spending Public Money vs. Climate Change

And here's a look at the variations between countries on the question of whether climate change is as important a social concern as crime:

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In fact, the only country that feels that fighting crime is more important than tackling climate change is the UK--though we're close behind, putting the concerns nearly even.

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