Is it Too Much Work to Adopt a Greener Lifestyle?

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That seems to be the sentiment reached by several million people in Britain, according to the results of a recent government survey. Fully a quarter of the people polled agreed with the statement "It takes too much effort to do things that are environmentally friendly." Another quarter agreed with the statement "I don't believe my behavior and everyday lifestyle contribute to climate change." On the other hand, close to half of the people polled disagreed with those statements.

The survey was carried out by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and polled about 3,600 people about issues such as transport, buying habits and waste recycling. Out of all the issues the public thought the government should address, the environment was the fourth most commonly mentioned — though fewer placed it as a priority now than in years past (19% now vs. 25% in 2001). This was most likely the result of crime and immigration looming large in the minds of more individuals.Some other interesting statistics obtained from the survey: close to two-thirds strongly agreed or tended to agree that "humans are capable of finding ways to overcome the world's environmental problems," 17% thought that "climate change is beyond control - it's too late to do anything about it," 71% said they were recycling more and close to three-quarters said they used low-energy light bulbs (up from only 31% in 2001).

As with most surveys on the matter, this one's a mixed bag: while it's encouraging to see that more and more consumers are opting to recycle, conserve energy and switch to lower-impact technologies, it is also a bit disappointing to see that so many still believe it takes too much work to make a difference. This may be because many individuals still don't think small, progressive steps can have a verifiable impact — they may equate being more eco-friendly with having to buy a hybrid car or installing solar panels.

We know we're dealing with a more knowledgeable and biased crowd here, but what are your thoughts on the issue? Do some of your less eco-oriented peers find switching to a greener lifestyle to be too much of a hassle?

Via ::Guardian Environment: Millions say it is too much effort to adopt greener lifestyle (newspaper)

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