Is Grid-Scale Battery Storage for Renewables Coming of Age?

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Earlier this month Renewable Energy World reported that large-scale energy storage is making renewables more viable. Certainly with the world's first 24/7 solar power plant coming online and pumped hydro providing viable storage for renewables in some regions, there seems to be a recent surge of interest in not just how we make power, but how we store it for later use. Renewable Energy World revisits the issue again with a specific rundown of the competing grid-scale battery technologies for renewables storage and their pros and cons. It makes for fascinating reading, and advocates for batteries as energy storage make a powerful case that energy storage may be about to hit the big time

"Grid-scale storage is here now," says Ed Cazalet of MegaWatt Storage Farms, which develops and operates large electricity storage facilities that connect directly to the wholesale electric grid. "Storage should be deployed now at the gigawatt scale...where capacity, ancillary services and energy time-shifting are clearly needed," he adds. But each power plant faces different issues, and each requires a tailored energy storage solution.

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