Is Climate Change Already Impacting Your Life? Tell Your Story on TckTckTck's Climate Orb

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Want to testify to the impact that climate change is already having on your life? Then check this out: The Global Campaign for Climate Action is running the "Human Voices" campaign, a key component of which is the Climate Orb over on the TckTckTck website. It just went live at the end of last week and now you can add your experience to the project. Here's a sample of what's already been added, from Indonesia:

Tide of Uncertainty in Paciran
Last February when Indonesia was preparing to welcome the victory of democracy in the Legislative General Elections, thousands of fishermen in the Paciran sub-district of Lamongan, in the North coast of East Java, lost their means of support. Hundreds of ships had no other option but to drop their anchors near the Brondong harbor.

This sight, normally common during the west monsoon (west wind) season, became unusual due to the extension of the wave season. For three months, December until March, the fishermen were uneasy, due to the unusual prolonged period they had to be at dock. "It usually only lasts one month, from December until January," said Ir Sudarlin (43), the Head of Fisher Community in the Belimbing sub district. This extended monsoon period is devastating for an economy that depends to such a large extent on fishing, as the industry basically gets shut down during these months. "When the big winds of the west monsoon arrive, fishermen can't fish, so there is no income, no food, there is nothing to do," says fisherman Sumani. These fishermen are left with almost no alternative source of income for their homes and until now the government has not been able to provide alternative work for this vast population.

Fishing is a profession with extreme dependence towards climate. Indonesia, the country with the second longest shore lines in the world, has over 60% of its population residing along the coast, the grand majority of this population working directly as fisherman or as part of the fishing industry. The many implications of climate change have had direct effects on the majority of this population. The recent observable effects have included the rise of seawater resulting in flooding as well as the changing wind patterns which lead to the increased frequency and intensity of strong storm causing winds.

And the story just goes on from there. Other stories currently featured ones from Uganda, China, Australia, Ethiopia, Greenland, and the Cook Islands.

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