Is Clean Tech Becoming A Socialist Plot?

T. Boone Pickens interviewed on Glenn Beck Show.

Glenn Beck spoke previously with billionaire T. Boone Pickens, as described in The Future of Energy' according to Boone Pickens. Both the transcript of that discussion, and a Beck Show interview of Pickens (clip above) are interesting for their content as well as for how Pickens' ideas are treated with such calm circumspection. I wonder if the Glenn Beck-o-sphere will expect the same deliberate treatment for billionaire George Soros' ideas, now that Mr. Soros has announced a billion-dollar program of clean energy investments and public policy involvement? Not.Bloomberg reports that "Billionaire George Soros, looking to address the "political problem" of climate change, said he will invest $1 billion in clean-energy technology and create an organization to advise policy makers on environmental issues. Soros, the founder of hedge fund Soros Fund Management LLC, announced the investment in Copenhagen yesterday..."

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