Is Clean Energy Not the Same As Tackling Climate Change?

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While fellow TreeHugger Brian was disappointed not to hear even a mention of climate change, he was encouraged that Obama made clean energy a priority in his State of the Union address. After all, in reality, isn't promoting renewables the same as fighting Global Warming? No, says Dave Roberts over at Grist in his piece on why climate change and clean energy must be tackled together. Because, he argues, unless climate change is part of the equation, there's no hope for the bipartisan support of the market interventions necessary to make our vision a reality: "I'm just making the point that the clean energy policies proposed by Obama in his speech and supported by the Innovationeers are far, far from "nonpartisan," regardless of what Chu's smoking. They are in fact of a piece with heated partisan arguments about industrial policy that extend back decades. They might not be "divisive" in the same way climate change is, in a culture-war sense, but they are in fact extremely controversial."