Ironweed Progressive Film Club

You couldn't make it to Toronto or Venice this year. Trading on Peerflix hasn't fully satisfied your need for stimulating at-home entertainment. Ironweed Films will deliver a limited edition, festival award winning DVD to your home each month. No sending anything back: you keep it, donate it, or start a local film club. This set-up not only gives audiences access to films that may otherwise prove difficult to track down, but provides income to filmmakers who often get a raw deal in distribution arrangements.

Each film is presented by an organization working on related issues. December's premier DVD release features Wetback, a documentary directed by Arturo Perez Torres about a fraught immigration journey from Nicaragua to the U.S. You also get two shorts, Sundance favorite Terminal Bar and Baz Shamoun's Where is Iraq?, in addition to a special, secret bonus. Seems like a good deal at $14.95 per month, shipping included. :: Ironweed: Films for the Curious