IPCC Head Says Aspirational Statements Not Enough, We Need Deep Emission Reductions by 2020

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Political leaders have made all sorts of back slappingly good 2050 commitments for emission reductions, but without the right short- and mid-term targets those long-term goals don't entirely cut it. That may be just my opinion, but it seems to be shared by IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri -- who was just quoted by AFP on the matter.

Pachauri said,"It is not enough to set any aspirational goal for 2050, it is critically important that we bring about a commitment to reduce emissions effectively by 2020."

Reinforcing the point he added, if the G8 commitment to keep global temperature rise to 2°C is to be met that global emissions must peak by 2015.Few National 2020 Targets Even Come Remotely Close
That's a bit earlier than is sometimes mentioned and really drives home the need to be setting short term goals based on science rather than political expediency. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions (Norway, Japan), this message seems to have been lost on national leaders.

The general consensus among scientists is that in industrialized nations emissions must be reduced about 25-40% below 1990 levels by 2020 to put the planet on track to keep temperature rise to a minimum and avoid catastrophic climate change. Think that's a tough thing to do? Check out how Lester Brown thinks we can reduce emissions 80% by 2020.

via: AFP
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