IPCC Chair Says Glacier Mistake Cost Dearly, But Won't Make Personal Apology

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photo: Lingaraj GJ via flickr.

If you're looking for more climate science in this one, you won't find it, but The Guardian's recent interview with IPCC chair Dr Rajenda Pachauri offers some insight into both the politics of the whole thing, as well as Dr Pachauri's dress habits:Personal Apology Would Be Hypocritical
Dr Pachauri told the UK paper that it would be hypocritical for him to issue a personal apology in addition to the official IPCC statement regarding the inaccurate projection regarding Himalayan glaciers melting away by 2035 which found its way into the 2007 assessment report.

Pachauri said it would just be a "populist" step--something which he says he doesn't do too often and causes him to be unpopular with "certain sections of society". Furthermore, given that the report is some 3,000 pages long, Pachauri said he shouldn't be held personally responsible for every word in it.

The IPCC chairman went on to say that the mistake had indeed damaged the IPCC's credibility and has provided fuel for climate skeptics. However, the error was an isolated one, attributable to simple human error, and did not undermine the fact that global warming is indeed happening and is caused by human activity.

Pachauri's Salary & Suits Lavish? Not Hardly
Here's where it gets personal: Responding to claims that he lives a lavish lifestyle, Dr Pachauri laid out his approximate salary as well as the cost of his suits.

For heading The Energy and Resources Institute, he gets about $4,100 a month. In Indian Rupees quite a handsome sum, but hardly lavish by international standards. From the IPCC Dr Pachauri said he only receives travel expenses.

As for accusations that he goes around in expensive suits, Dr Pachauri reveals that his tailor in India charges him Rs 2,200 ($47) for each.

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