Iowa Presidential Primary Making GM Food Labeling A Campaign Issue


If this ball stays in play it could easily become the seminal indicator of candidate green-ness. Either you are for GM food labeling, or you are not. Simple enough. Sure, there are practical details to attend to with packaging space available, and with matching existing voluntary and mandatory labeling requirements; but, these things can be sorted out as they have been in Europe. At the end of the day, it could be a fairly free-market friendly initiative. What do you think?

Iowa is playing center stage in a global debate over whether people should be warned when the genetic makeup of their food has been altered.

A national advocacy group believes consumers would demand that genetically modified foods be labeled if they knew just how much is being changed in labs. The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods is pushing presidential candidates to support making labeling the law - with some success.

Leading Democrats Hillary Clinton and John Edwards agree to the organization's proposal, as do candidates Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich. Top Republican candidates have not taken positions.

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Via:Des Moines Register, "Genetically altered food: Labels hotly debated in Iowa" Image credit::University of Manitoba

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