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Looking for something to do with all of that spare money you've got lying around? Well why not invest it in saving the planet? March 11, 2008 heralded the launch of the first regional chapter of the international Eco-Investment Club from San Diego, CA. Their goal: "support the progression of the Green Movement in San Diego by promoting sustainable businesses, providing education, networking and relationship building opportunities, and Eco Investing, which ultimately drives the Green Economy."Each meeting has a presentation of a green business opportunities, as well as discussion about city events that members can get involved in. Attendees can also expect to find ways to organize city businesses and resources to leverage finances into the right "green" markets. Board members of the Eco-Investment Club are green leaders in San Diego, but don't necessarily have to be bankers, investors or money people. Meetings will be held monthly and are open to members and non-members.

TreeHugger does not endorse any specific investment opportunity, but we have written a few primers on the subject, including How To: Build Your Sustainable Portfolio 101 and Survey: Do You Invest In Green Business?. A background in investing is not necessary to join the group, but these and other Treehugger articles might give you something to drop into the conversation.

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The organizers already have to plans to expand the group to cities around the group. The next club will be launched in LA, with future clubs planned for New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Montreal, Baltimore, Portland and Santa Fe. The next San Diego event will be in April, where the Eco Caters will be back with more green grub, so stay tuned. Eco Investment Network International, Inc is the parent company to Eco Investment Club and plans to launch several product and service lines over this next year.

Membership has its privileges, including networking with the leading green business professionals and tips on investment opportunities. The website is full of networking and investment tips as well as links to relevant finance groups and articles. In addition, members can attend events in any of the other member cities for free, as they are developed.

At the first meeting, the board members incorporated more than just talking about green at their meeting by partnering with the San Diego Eco Center for Alternative Fuel Education, which provided the venue. Food and drinks at the event were provided by Eco-Caters.

To join, or to find out more, check them out online at Eco-Investment Club.

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