Introducing the Newest Creation by Rinspeed: The iChange, Controlled by Your iPhone

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Photo via: Rinspeed
Rinspeed has had some rather creative electric concept vehicle innovations over the years, such as the Rinspeed sQuba. Their most recently release is the Rinspeed iChange, and as the name suggests, it is partially created out of gimmick to give us another reason to own an iPhone, but it is also a serious electric vehicle for the true sport car enthusiast.In all fairness, even though I am sometimes irked when a company makes it necessary to buy another piece of techno-crap in order to run another one. In this case, Rinspeed is actually introducing a great concept of being able to run several gadgets with just one programmable device.

The "i" in iChange?

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Photo via: Rinspeed

The "i" in the name references the ability to climb (I say climb rather than slide, as you enter through the sunroof—there are no doors) into the iChange, hook your iPhone into the dash, and you are given the option to switch the dash display on, power-on the headlights, then shut it down. There is no need for a key, or a key fob of any kind.

The "Change" in iChange

ichange interior seating photo

Photo via: Rinspeed

"Change" is another concept of the iChange which allows it to actually adapt itself to its number of passengers. While this electric sport car is essentially a one-seater, it can actually accommodate up to two extra passengers beyond the driver, via a sunroof which pops up to reveal two more seats.

Noteworthy Features

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Photo via: Rinspeed

When you're talking Rinspeed, you are talking about speed of course, and the iChange has plenty of that. Step on the electric accelerator and the iChange can rocket from 0-60 in just a little over 4-seconds, with a top speed of well over 100 mph.

ichange dynamics photo

Photo via: Rinspeed

It gets its impressive performance from a 576-volt, 150kW electric drive system, capable of 55 miles per 3 hour charge. Its off the line zip is helped along with a six-speed gearbox from the Subaru WRX. The chassis is kept rather light by the intelligent mixture of an aluminum and steel, then topped off with an ultra-light and durable composite body shell.

Check out its premier video:

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