Introducing David Bach of Finish Rich Media

David Bach, author of Go Green Green, Live Rich and eight other financial books on why going green is good for your health, wealth, and the planet.

David Bach here. You may be familiar with my take action advice on money. You may have even read one of my eight previous books, like The Automatic Millionaire or Start Late, Finish Rich. So why would I now come out with a book on going green?

The answer is simple.Going green is the most important issue that will shape our future. In fact, one of the biggest factors affecting your ability to build wealth over the next twenty years is going to be the global environment and what we're doing (or not doing) to protect it.

The surprising message of my latest book, Go Green, Live Rich is that there are tremendous financial benefits when you consciously choose to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. It's important to me to share this book with the TreeHugger community—and the world—to show that it's possible to live a rich life in line with your values while advancing on the road to wealth.

Check out the video above. It features the Solaire building where I live in New York—which is one of the leading green apartment buildings in the country. I moved in because of the location, but i instantly found that my lifelong allergies cleared up. going green can save your health, your wealth, and planet—all at the same time. And I'm going to show you how.


David Bach and Hillary Rosner will be guest blogging weekly here on TreeHugger. Stay tuned...and get rich!...

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