Intrepid Group Sows Seeds of Environmental Awareness Among Iraqi Youth


With all of the chaos going on in Iraq it's a surprise to learn that somehow there is someone thinking about the education of Iraqi children when it comes to environmental issues. And while it's just a start, the truth is that the longest journey begins with a single step.Which sounds like precisely the reasoning behind the "Children's Bird Guide of Iraq" a new book being released by BirdLife International to introduce Iraq's children to their local birds using their own language.

In total, the book provides enough information to enable kids to properly identify more than 35 species of birds in Iraq that can be commonly seen in wetlands, deserts and arid lands, mountainous areas, towns and gardens.

As Mike Rands, the CEO of BirdLife points out, "This is a major step in developing the future of nature conservation in Iraq. Once you know and can identify the biodiversity you coexist with, you are far more likely to care about its fate."

And while it's probably going to be a long road for a lot of things in Iraq, I think this tiny positive step in the right direction is definitely worth celebrating.

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via:: BirdLife International

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