Into The Abyss: US State Environmental Agencies Outsourcing & Cutting Back Staff


NY DEP logo excerpt.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie pushed successfully to "outsource" one of the major functions of the State Department of Environmental Protection: cleaning up contaminated industrial sites. This will no doubt save money for NJ taxpayers but it could also end up cutting some slack for Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs). Could be a win win depending on your point of view. He also seems to want to outsource land use permitting. (I didn't know that they could do that from Bangalore or Bejing?)

New York State exemplifies this trend, as well. From the Times Union: "An internal memo from the Department of Environmental Conservation paints a bleak picture of a gutted agency unable to accomplish its full mission if Gov. David Paterson achieves the job cuts he wants." If it happens as planned, 22% of the staff will be gone inside 2 years. When times get tough, environment (and environmental professionals) get a screwing. It is a time tested fact.One cite from the Times Union article, however, gave my conspiracy synthesizing DNA segment a jolt.

...fewer regulators would be available to oversee the potential natural gas drilling boom in the Marcellus Shale,...
What can be done about these developments. Not much, directly.

But you could get your butt off the re-purposed cardboard couch long enough to vote in this November's mid-term elections.

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