Interview with Debra Dunn, Former Head of HP's Sustainability Initiative

In an interview at iinovate, Debra Dunn, who's now an "Adviser to Social Ventures" at the Skoll Foundation, talks about her career path (from a degree in Marxist economic theory to the private sector), how she became head of Hewlett Packard’s sustainability initiative (more about HP's initiatives here) and the different levels at which corporations can change and become more responsible.

There is no mind-blowing revelations in the podcast (lots of opportunities in the green field, corporations must stop thinking about the short term only, a basic regulatory framework such as a carbon tax could level the playing field and accelerate the pace of change, etc), but it's a nice motivational interview, especially for you young idealists who want to change the system from within. You know who you are. The podcast is about 12 minutes long and can be found here.

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