International Day of Forests: Plug In to nature’s powerhouse

Canadian Forest certified to SFI © Central Canada SFI Implementation Committee
© Central Canada SFI Implementation Committee - Canadian Forest certified to SFI

Did you know that the International Day of Forests is celebrated every year on March 21? Instituted by the United Nations General Assembly, the day recognizes the importance of forests and raises awareness of the role they play in environmental sustainability.

To mark the day:

  • Visit a forest near you and share photos on social media, # IntlForestDay
  • Participate in a local tree planting event—or organize one yourself
  • Watch an International Forests Day Video and share it online to spread the word

The theme of this year’s International Day of Forests is forests and energy. Wood provides more energy than solar, wind, and hydroelectric sources combined. It makes up about 40 percent of the world’s energy supply.

Managed properly, wood is a renewable resource. Healthy, thriving forests, such as those certified to standards of the independent, non-profit Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), provide the wood we need today without sacrificing the needs of the future.

Fall Forest: Michigan State Forest certified to SFI © Tom Haxby© Tom Haxby - Fall Forest: Michigan State Forest certified to SFISFI is the only forest certification standard that requires participants to engage in research. That research will help us to:

  • Improve forest health and productivity
  • Manage forest resources sustainably
  • Enhance the environmental benefits and performance of forest products

SFI program participants have invested $1.6 million in forest research since 1995.

SFI also awards Conservation and Community Partnerships Grants to support forest conservation and strengthen forest-dependent communities. SFI has awarded 53 Conservation grants and 49 Community Partnership grants since 2010. Total funding to date is $3.4 million. When combined with partner contributions, total funding is more than $13.2 million. Learn more about the latest SFI grants supporting:

  • Carbon storage
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Species at risk
  • Forests with exceptional conservation value

In 2016, SFI initiated the Conservation Impact Project, which will develop metrics for climate change mitigation, water quality, and biodiversity, to encourage forest health and sound management.

Learn more about The International Day of Forests and SFI and get more ideas for how you can help promote the future of forests.

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